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Hello, my name is David and I live on a small farm in central Austalia. I haven't always lived on a farm. For many years, I lived and worked in Brisbane and had a conventional life. However, when I turned 50, I realised that I needed to make a change so I decided to quit my job and move out to the countryside. I wasn't sure what to expect. I had some vague ideas of working the land and tending to crops. Thankfully, my neighbours were very supportive and taught me everything I needed to know. I decided to start this blog to help others.


Farming and Agriculture

Main Considerations to Have When Deliberating On Tractors for Sale

Edward Berry

Purchasing a tractor, used or brand-new, is an intricate process. In general, there are two mistakes that farmers make. The first mistake is basing their purchase solely on their budget, which can result in you purchasing a cost-efficient tractor that will not meet all of your farm's needs. The second mistake that farmers make, especially ones who are buying a tractor for the first time ever, is purchasing a tractor with the same characteristics that they use to purchase a vehicle.

The problem with this approach is that while cars can be of service to you from a decade or more, tractors can sustain you indefinitely as long as you accord them the best upkeep. Thus, if you are not planning to replace your tractor after a few years, then it is important to have the following main considerations when deliberating on tractors for sale.

Consider the primary applications for the tractor

One of the primary considerations that you should have when purchasing a tractor is identifying the primary applications that this machinery is intended for. While tractors may appear similar, they do have varying features that are beneficial for various tasks. For instance, a tractor designed for harvesting crops will not have the same features as a tractor that is used primarily for seed planting. A couple of the different options that you will find in the market include:

  • A compact tractor: This type of machinery is small-scale making it perfect for small farms, grounds maintenance as well as landscaping jobs.
  • A utility tractor: This type of tractor is usually employed for the production of hay, but it can also be used to cultivate the land on your farm.
  • A four-wheel drive tractor: This machinery is mainly used for tillage and seeding, making it ideal for farms that plant grains but it can be employed for land levelling.

Consider the user-friendliness of the tractor

Another crucial consideration to have in mind when choosing a tractor is how simple it will be to operate the equipment. You may be trained in the operation of heavy equipment, but your level of knowledge may not be the same as the people you hire to operate the tractor. Moreover, since equipment, operators can be changed on a frequent basis, it is essential to ensure that both experienced and inexperienced operators can handle the tractor you purchase. Fortunately, new-age tractors tend to be easy to handle since they come with an assortment of automated features.

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