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Farming and Agriculture

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Irrigation Sprinkler Control System for your Home Garden

Edward Berry

Home gardens are a standard feature in most households today. The trend can be attributed to the fact that people prefer to grow their vegetables rather than buy from grocery stores. However, with home gardens comes the need for efficient watering, which can be achieved by using irrigation sprinklers. Notably, the efficiency of an irrigation system depends on choosing the right control system. It is important to remember that before you settle on an irrigation system's control system, you should take into account factors that will determine the success of your project. This article highlights some of these aspects.

Water Conservation Objectives — While having a home garden will reduce the amount of money you spend on groceries, there is no denying the fact that your water bill will rise. However, it will only happen if you do not incorporate water conservation measures in your irrigation sprinklers. For this reason, choosing a control system should go in tandem with your water conservation goals. You can find control systems that can be programmed to switch off the sprinklers when it starts to rain, thereby saving water. Other control systems allow you to dictate the quantity of water that comes out of the sprinklers, depending on the time of the day. Such flexibility can allow you to achieve your water conservation objectives. 

Size of your Garden — The type of control system you choose for your sprinklers will first and foremost depend on the size of your garden. Most small gardens require sprinkler control systems that can be manned from a single station in the house. For instance, if you want a single zone garden that measures no more than 9 square meters, then one control station can efficiently manage the irrigation process. However, if you want a bigger garden, then you need a control system that is capable of handling more zones. Additionally, more expansive backyard gardens require more irrigation valves that demand more control stations. Therefore, it is crucial to decide first the size of your home garden before choosing a sprinkler control system.

Watering Windows — As neighborhoods continue to expand, it is unfortunate that municipalities have found it hard to match the expansion with enough water delivery pipes. Due to this reality, homeowners with gardens have found it challenging to meet their irrigation needs. Consequently, local authorities have embarked on odd/even day water supply restrictions in some neighborhoods to counter the demand. If you reside in one of these regions, then you need a sprinkler control system that will trigger valves to lower water demands on days when piped water is not available.